April Showers Bring Puppy Flowers

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Now that spring is right around the corner, some of our pups might have a hard time stepping out into the rain. Here are some tips to help make our furry friends bathroom breaks a little less hectic. 

First things first, BEFORE even leaving the house, always set out an old towel to dry your puppers off before coming inside. Nobody likes wet, muddy paw prints all over their house. So go grab that old towel - you will need it! 

Next tip that is a life saver is a dry deodorizing spray! Everyone knows the smell of a wet dog, and it is NOT at all pleasant lingering in your nose. After walks in the rain, or even after a swim on a nice day, it is important to freshen up. Most pet supply stores will have a spray or dry shampoo to keep your pup smelling fresh and clean! 

Much like their human owners, some dogs cannot stand to even get a droplet of water on them. We don't blame them! A doggie raincoat solves this problem right away. Another product to look in to is doggie rain boots! These products can protect your pup's fur and paws from getting wet.

Now that we are prepared for our return, and all bundled up for the rain, it's time to put on a collar and leash. Rainy days are known for being dark and dreary. To keep us and our pets safe, a reflective collar or leash would be a smart choice. Something bright and eye catching! You will be easily visible even with the rain coming down. 

While walking our dogs that do love water, we need to be careful to not let them drink from any puddles, streams, or licking the water off the grass. A lot of lawns have chemicals in them to help them grow. These chemicals can make pups very sick, or worse. If you know your dog is a water lover, keep your eyes open and bring along some fresh water for your pup.

The same goes for our dogs paws. After stepping in all of the water outside, they can collect the same lawn or even car chemicals on their paws. After your walk, you can use pup wipes to clean these dangerous chemicals off. This way our furry friends can clean their paws without the stress of chemical poisoning. 

We know that springtime means rain in a lot of places and hope that you and your pup can feel more confident and comfortable during your rainy day walks. 

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