Puppy Growth Pawtection Plan

What if my puppy outgrows the harness or collar that I plan to purchase?


As paw-rents ourselves, we know first-hand that this question may cross your mind when considering buying accessories. Adhering to the spirit of our core values and mission, Sassy Woof is excited to introduce our Puppy Growth Pawtection Plan.


Available only for U.S. customers, this is an industry-first program designed specifically to replace your harness or collar for a larger one when the time arises.


And even better, all harnesses and collars returned will be donated to local charities to continue making others smile and prolonging the life cycle of the products!

Plan Details & Questions

What is the Puppy Growth Pawtection Plan (PGPP)?

With this plan, Sassy Woof will replace a collar and/or harness (reversible or adjustable) for a larger size one within 9 months from the purchase date. In our experience, most puppers are fully grown after 9-12 months! The PGPP is only available for U.S. customers. Only reversible or adjustable harnesses and collars purchased directly through sassywoof.com are eligible for PGPP coverage. The PGPP must be added at the time of purchase, and it is fully transferable in case you buy the product for someone else or someone else gifts it to you.

What if I my order contains multiple harnesses and/or collars?

If you want to protect all items purchased, then you must get a PGPP for each of them; however, you can get one PGPP and use it for any of the items. For example, if you buy 3 harnesses and 3 collars, you can purchase a total of 6 PGPPs (one for each item) or you may purchase one Harness PGPP and one Collar PGPP and use it for any harness or collar bought.