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Pet Harness with Front D-Ring

Patent Protected by US Designs Patent D918,493; D952,269; D957,754 and D996,737; EUIPO RCDs 008535710-0001 to 0003; UK RCDs 6136758; 6136759; 6136760; Canada Designs 203510, 203511, and 203512,  Additional Patents Pending.

Reversible Pet Harness with Rotational Front D-Ring



Patent Protected by U.S. Design Patent D947,466, U.S. Patent 11,102,958 and 11,730,145; EUIPO RCDs 008641542-0001 to 0005; UK RCDs 6154960; 6154961; 6154962; 6154963;and 6154964; Canada Designs 205549, and 205550, Additional Patents Pending.