Posing Guide: For The Paws

Posing Guide: For The Paws

Have you ever struggled taking photos of your pup or they just can't seem to sit still? We know that getting the perfect shot can be challenging. Don't worry, Sassy Woof is here to help! 

Have you ever struggled with taking photos of your pup? No matter what you do, they just can't seem to sit still? We know getting the perfect shot can be challenging. It's almost like they know to start spazzing out when you pull your camera out! Don't worry! Sassy Woof is here to help! Here are our tips and guide of getting the most pawfect photo of your dog.

Camera Settings & Environment:

  1. Start with a quiet environment, so your dog isn't easily distracted and keeps their focus on you. Slowly work your way up to different places after they master their focus skill.
  2. Move into the shade. The simplest way to capture your subject is to make sure you are not in direct sunlight. You can always make your own shade if you are out in public by:
  • Using an umbrella
  • Setting up a pop-up diffuser
  • Blocking the light with your body

3. Taking photos with your phone can be a great start for beginner puptographers and beginner dog models! You can take as many photos as you want and simply pick out the best ones.

4. If you are taking photos with a camera, make sure your settings are good to go, so you get that perfect exposure. Don't be afraid to add your favorite filters and crop the background to keep the focus on your pup!

BONUS: Check out this cheat sheet created by Expert Photography!

What You'll Want in Your Photo Bag:
  • Treats
  • Squeaky Toys
  • A phone for Noises (puppies barking, squeaky toys, and animal noises can be found on YouTube and Spotify to grab the attention of your pup)
  • Camera

    Tips & Tricks

    • Start with a solid sit. This is the first step on practicing patience and getting your pup used to their surroundings.
    • We want our dogs to look at the lens. Use different techniques with treats and toys to get your dog's attention. If they have a favorite phrase like 'Outside?' or 'Treat?', add it to your strategy!
      • At Sassy Woof HQ, we like to use our dog's favorite treats and find YouTube videos of dog's barking to get that adorable head tilt of curiosity.
    • Be patient - don't forget to have fun while you take photos! Your dogs can feel your frustration so if they seem to be restless - take a break, and play ball!
    • Work your way up as you assess your dog's mood. You can start adding different accessories like headbands & sunglasses once they perfect their sit and stay.

      Different Pose Options

      J'Adore Pose

      Your pet adores you. You can get this shot by first taking your dog for a nice walk. After they are calm, have them sit and get their attention. The camera should be at their level with a self-timer. It’s a sweet shot that shows how much your pup loves you.

      Family Portraits

      If you're hiring a photographer, look into pet photographers that know how to get your dog's attention while making sure the humans look good as well! If you are setting up your own tripod, set your phone up with interesting sounds to fully get their attention!

        Sit on the Floor with your Dog

        If you have a big dog or a dog who gets very restless, get on the floor with them and smile! This ensures that you look casual and comfortable with your dog and results into a natural pose for you and your pup.

        The Main Star

        If you have a small dog, lift them up safely while supporting their chest and lower half with your hands and raise them high up in front of a backdrop of choice! They know they look cute, just reward them with treats after!

        Standard Portraits

        Use the tools that we taught you and get your dog to look directly into the camera! Our office pups, Dame & Milo have pawfected this craft, but try running them right before your shoot!
        We can't wait to see all the wonderful photos you take of your dogs. If you use any of these tips and tricks, tag us at @SassyWoof!

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