Winter Weather Tips

Winter Weather Tips

Here are some tips and tricks to keep our furry friends safe this winter. 

Winter can be a fun time for our pups, but also a treacherous time. Black ice, salt on the streets and sidewalks, and temperatures dropping below freezing all can lead to a hurt or sick pup. Here are some tips and tricks to keep our furry friends safe this season:

1.  Wash and dry your pup's feet and stomach - This will help remove extra ice, salt, and chemicals that are put on the roads and sidewalks to melt the ice. This can be toxic if ingested pups while licking their paws.

  • If washing your pups feet is not an easy option, you can try massaging petroleum jelly into the paws or investing in a pair of booties. This will also help prevent salt and chemicals from irritating their paws. 

2. Bundle up your pup - Especially for our little pups out there (or short-haired), the cold temperatures hit immediately. Keep them wrapped up in their favorite coat or sweater during their time outside. If your pup doesn't like wearing their own coat, you can put your sweatshirt on them as this may calm them down smelling your scent.

3. Be mindful with bath time - Your pup's coat has natural oils that keep them moisturized and soft, and bath time can remove these essential oils - leaving your pups skin dry and flaky. If your pet must be washed, ask your vet for recommended moisturizing shampoo or rinse. Also, do not let your pup dry off outside if the temperatures are low outside. Their wet bodies will not be comfortable in the cold air outside and it could make them sick. 

4. Use your leash when walking near bodies of water - We all have seen the horror stories of walking on ice. If we can't do it, our pets definitely should be staying on land. Even if we think it is a shallow pool, your pup can go into shock from the cold water temperatures. 

5. Remember that if it’s too cold for you, it’s most likely too cold for your pet, so keep your animals inside - While outside in cold temperatures, your dog is at risk of a lot of issues. Freezing, becoming disoriented, confusion while looking for warmth, injured, or worse. This includes being left in the car, a side room with no heat, or a backyard with only a dog house. 


We know that winter can be a beautiful time, but it is important to take the extra steps to ensure that your pup is safe and healthy during these colder months! 

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