Harness & Ropes - Valentine's Day Edition

Harness & Ropes - Valentine's Day Edition

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We often get asked which harnesses match with which rope leash! This is a question we LOVE to answer. We have so many beautiful rope leash options that pair well with our harnesses! We're starting a series to help you pick them out! We start with Valentine's Day! 💗

Sassy Sweethearts with Bubbles OR Sweetheart!
Merlot with Amore OR Beloved!
Dolce Rose with Rosie OR Sweetheart
Woofs & Kisses with Cotton Candy OR Romance!
You're My Lobster with Crimson OR Dreamy!
Love at First Bark with Dove OR Beloved
Keep your eyes out for our next harness & rope leash blog! What will the theme be?! 

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