SuperZoo 2023 Recap

SuperZoo 2023 Recap

The Sassy Woof team had the opportunity to attend SuperZoo in Las Vegas!

SuperZoo boasts over 1,200 exhibitors in one of the largest convention centers in the United States. With over 9,000 people attending both nationally and internationally, you could say we definitely felt like a treat in a jar filled with hundreds of thousands of options. That’s when we turned that intimidation into our motive to make ourselves known.

The Booth: 

Our team worked incredibly hard to design our booth to be eye-catching and inviting. It definitely helped to have Maya right in the front of our booth, attracting numerous fans and doxie lovers. After giving Maya some introductory pets, you would step into the pink wonderland that was our booth. Our products lined the walls with a luxe gold rack showcasing our licensied collections front and center. To finish off the stop at our booth, attendees were given a reusable bag we designed in-house, filled with freebies and other goodies! To top it off we coordinated outfits, matching with our booth (and each other) for the three days of the event. 


The Companies & Connections:

Did I mention that there were over 1,200 exhibitors? As a tiny human in a crowd of over 9,000 people, it felt like so much more. We walked through endless rows, looking at dozens of different products ranging from dog, cat, and small pet products, all the way to products for chickens, horses, tortoises, and more. Basically, if you have any type of pet, you would find a variety of products for them here. Below are some of the companies we were so grateful to get to chat and connect with!

Overall, this was a n incredible experience. We got to talk to so many people and companies ranging from small businesses to names you would recognize any day. The best part was that a lot of companies recognized US! This event made it clear that we have made an impact in the pet world, which we are so thankful for. Thank you SuperZoo 2023 for the unforgettable experience! 

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