Small Business Spotlight: Wag Boards

Small Business Spotlight: Wag Boards

Introducing the owner of Wag Boards! She curates delicious charcuterie boards for dogs!
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At Sassy Woof, we are all about supporting small businesses and showing our love for other woman-owned businesses. For our second feature, we are introducing Amanda, owner of Wag Boards! She curates delicious charcuterie boards for dogs! Check out her website here

Let's begin, Sassy Woofers! Who are you?

My name is Amanda, and I am the owner of Wag Boards, curating yummy charcuterie boards for dogs. I have two dogs, Nali and Rocky, who serve as the official Wag Boards Quality Control pups! Nali is our 7 year old lab/collie who loves to sample all the snacks and do zoomies in our family room. Rocky is a 6 year old husky/shepherd/collie we rescued from a shelter at the beginning of 2022. He was actually on a euthanasia list and we saved him! He loves his dad and enjoys peeing on all the mailboxes in our neighborhood.

Wag Boards is a labor of love and a passion project of mine. I currently also have full-time job working on college wellness at a university. I have a busy weekly schedule, but it’s worth it!

It is so nice to meet the person behind these amazing boards! We love that they have titles (Our office dogs do as well: chief treats officer & assistant to the photographer). What do you do? 

Wag Boards was created out of a love of food and a love for dogs. After attending a wedding, I received a charcuterie box to-go, as a thank you for celebrating with my friends. As I was sitting on the couch at home, eating my cheese and salami, I stared at my dogs, stared back at my food and thought “What if there were charcuterie boards for dogs?!” I texted my sister, she confirmed that the idea was brilliant, and here I am with a thriving small business!

Inspired by the artistry of human charcuterie, I infuse creativity into every board I create. My eyes are constantly peeled for food trends, ensuring that our doggy charcuterie is not only visually stunning but also a culinary delight.

What a unique and creative market to get into! It is such a creative idea and lovely that you can offer something that did not exist in the community! What do you want people to know about owning a small business?

Owning a small business is hard, but very rewarding. Often, we start as a team of one, which means there is just one person doing all the work. I handle photography, shipping and handling, social media, finances, event planning, making each Wag Board, and more! While it can be hard to do it all, I set boundaries so that I can show up as my best self for my customers (or, pupstomers, as I like to call them!) 

Absolutely! Setting boundaries is very important for creators and small business owners. Our office tends to break out into dance parties to get creative again! What is your favorite part about owning your own small business?

There's something truly magical about being a small business owner, and it's not just about crafting delicious charcuterie boards for our furry friends—it's about the extraordinary community that has blossomed around Wag Boards.

The connections made with fellow dog lovers from all corners of the world have been nothing short of heartwarming. I am humbled by the immense joy and inspiration people’s dogs bring to my life every day. Through the relationships I've built over the years, I've grown as an individual and as an entrepreneur. The stories, the shared experiences, and the unwavering support have taught me more than I could have ever imagined. The heartfelt messages, adorable photos of your pups enjoying our charcuterie, and the genuine camaraderie have really made the long days worth it.

We couldn't agree with you more when it comes to the community. The passion, support, and love they give is a huge motivation and reason why small businesses stick and we are thankful for each and everyone! Anything else you want to tell us? 

I love chatting with fellow dog lovers and small business owners! Connect with me on Instagram and send over a hello @wagboards!

Thank you so much, Amanda! We loved having you on our second small business spotlight and can't wait to see what other creative boards you come out with! Don't forget to check out Wag Boards, get your pup one today! 


Instagram: @wagboards

TikTok: @wagboards

Facebook: Wag Boards

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