Sassy Woof X PetSmart

Sassy Woof X PetSmart

Sassy Woof has had six launches in PetSmart over the years with more to come! Which launch has been your favorite?

Sassy Woof is so happy to have our products in over 1,300 PetSmart stores in the US and Canada, as well as on As a small business that began operating in 2018, the excitement and growth that our brand has seen over the years has been incredible to witness. 

Check out how we have grown and all of the different launches that we have had with PetSmart over the years. 

Summer 2021 - Sassy Woof's first launch at PetSmart!

This was such a big accomplishment for our team! Going from a side hustle in 2018 to being in 1,000+ PetSmart stores in 2021 felt surreal for Sassy Woof! For this launch, we had four harness patterns available in stores all around the US and Canada!  

Spring 2022 - Sassy Woof launched four more harnesses at PetSmart! We now had 8 available to purchase in the aisles. 

Our small business could not be more proud! For this launch, PetSmart carried four patterns. The collections included harnesses, leashes, and collars.

Summer 2022 - For this launch, we had collections in addition to just harnesses. All of our patterns were now available in three collar sizes as well.

This was also our first launch introducing our rope leashes at PetSmart! 

 Fall 2022 - New fall-themed collections + dog hoodies! 

This launch featured three seasonal collections! Pumpkin spice, foxes, and a classy plaid. This was our first launch selling apparel at PetSmart. Our bear hoodies were a huge hit! 

Summer 2023 - Our first licensed launch with PetSmart! 

Disney - can you believe it? Seeing our products with such iconic characters on them was an amazing sight! This was our first time launching officially licensed products for pups on the shelves at PetSmart. 

Winter 2024 - Our second Disney launch at PetSmart! 

For this launch, our products were displayed on a beautiful four-sided display in the aisles of PetSmart. This launch was also entire collections, with harnesses, collars, and leashes. 

We have even more planned for you in 2024 and 2025. We are so happy with this partnership and can't wait to continue growing our business and bringing fantastic products to you and your pups! 

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