Outside Plant Safety for Dogs

Outside Plant Safety for Dogs

Here are some plants to keep an eye out for around your pups!
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Our pups thrive outside. Whether they are swimming in a lake, hiking a trail, or zooming through an open field. Outside is their safe haven, and a place they know they can run free, and be themselves. Even in their favorite spot, they can be surrounded by danger. Many plants that we would not even think of as toxic, can make our pups sick or even worse. Don't worry though - we have all of our plant moms covered.

1. Sago Palm - this evergreen cycad can be found in locations with a warmer climate such as Florida, California, Georgia, and Puerto Rico.

While their bark and leaves are still toxic, the 'seeds' or 'nuts' contain the largest amount of toxins. This plant is every part toxic for our fur babies, and extra dangerous due to the alluring smell and taste.

2. Tulips - As much as we would love to bring our pups to take the pawfect picture at a Tulip farm, these can turn your pups stomach around.

If your dog chews on a tulip's leaves, or even worse, digs up the newly-planted bulb to eat, they can obtain an intense stomach ache, depression, and loss of appetite.

3. Lily of the Valley - These sweet smelling, white bell-shaped flower that thrive in shaded areas are very popular garden plants, but can change your pup's heart.

Even the slightest exposure, of any part of the Lily, can cause changes in heart rate and rhythm. This plant contains cardiac glycosides. Even a small amount, such as ingesting a single petal, can cause your pup to throw up, have low blood pressure, disorientation, seizures or even a coma.

4. Oleander - This common landscaping plant is seen mostly on the west coast, growing as high as 12 feet and covered in beautiful flower clusters of yellow, white, pink, and red. Also having cardiac glycosides, this plant is similar to Lily of the Valley, but worse. Any part of this plant can cause heart rate changes, diarrhea, stomach pain, and drooling. The results can even be fatal.

5. Philodendrons - These heart shaped leaves are known for being a very popular houseplant! As much as it warms the room, these plants contain insoluble calcium oxalate crystals, which was found to cause severe irritation to your pups mouth and lips. If ingested, you may notice your furriend pawing at his mouth or even drooling.

6. Blue-Green Algae - If you haven't already heard of this algae, the reports are surfacing more and more. Blue-Green Algae grows on top of the water in cluster when the weather is over 75 degrees. This algae contains a toxic bacteria called cyanobacteria.

This is INCREDIBLY toxic to almost all wildlife, including our fur babies. The algae produces a pea-green color and will appear slime like. Signs of toxicity ingestion includes; seizures, panting, respiratory failure, liver failure, and ultimately will be fatal.

After reading all of the poisonous plants that our pups can get into, it is scary to think about letting them out of the house - we always want to keep our pups protected. Experts say that the best thing to do to prevent these things happening to our pup is to not have an of these plants in our house, explore an area first before letting your pup run free, and checking that the water looks fresh and clean.

You can find an entire list of toxic plants on ASPCA's website here

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