November Recap at Sassy Woof

November Recap at Sassy Woof

Check out what our office was up to this month!

November was, as always, a WILD month here at Sassy Woof! Between launches, gearing up for the holidays, and Black Friday - we are happily exhausted! 🤭🥰

 Take a peek below to get some behind-the-scenes from November! 

We started the month by decorating for Christmas! The Sassy Woof team had fun decorating our trees, hanging up decorations, and getting into the holiday spirit... all while doing some modeling 😉

We celebrated November birthdays this year with a very colorful party! We have a TON of Scorpios in the office! This also includes a Scorpio pup, Remus & a very special honorable mention of Maddie, Christine's daughter! 💛

    We filmed A LOT of Black Friday content in & out of the office! This is the busiest time of the year for our team and a lot of extra work went into making the best ads, photos & content for our sale! 

      We had many Instagram Lives and our very first TikTok Live! If you haven't tuned in yet, make sure you keep an eye out! Our crew teams up for some very silly conversations & giveaways while they're packing! 🎁

       As you'd expect with the holiday season coming (and now it's here) we sent soooo many packages out this month! 📦💝

         We had SO much fun this month and cannot wait for what December has in store for us!! Keep an eye out for our next monthly recap blog!!  ❤️

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