Halloween Costumes for Pups

Halloween Costumes for Pups

With Halloween only a month away, here are some ideas for you and your pup!

It is October, which means that Halloween is right around the corner! Now is the time to start planning you and your pup's matching costumes! Check out some fun and easy ideas below!

These costumes are as sweet as honey! Carry around your bumble bee and generate lots of buzz with this set!

Human: Bee Keeper

Pup: Bee 

Be the Beauty to your little Beast this Halloween! Have a wonderful night dancing in the ballroom in these classic costumes! 

Human: Belle

Pup: Beast

Your pup is your partner in crime! Dress up as this iconic duo and bark at all of the bad guys this Halloween! 

Human: Batman

Pup: Robin

What's this? The most perfect costume for you and your pup! Have a frightful good time as Jack and his dog!

Human: Jack Skellington

Pup: Zero

Howdy, partner! These iconic characters are the best of friends - just like you and your pup! 

Human: Buzz Lightyear

Pup: Sheriff Woody


What are you and your pup dressing up as this year? We would love to see! Tag @sassywoof in your Halloween costumes this year! 

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