Favorites Friday - May

Favorites Friday - May

Get your paws ready to do some online shopping! Our favorite staff finds from this month are here! Shop for you and your pup!
Every month, our staff shares our favorite pet finds. Get ready to do some online shopping! From products for dogs, dog parents, and just pet people in general - these are our favorite finds this month!
Hannah's Happy About:
  • Best Friend Charms: 🎶 That's my best friend! 🎶 Show the world you're BFFs with this adorable charm bracelet & charm set!
  • Floral ID Tags: These ID tags are so beautiful! Not only are there options of sizes & shapes, but you can also choose which colors you prefer to match your pup's favorite collar or harness!
  • Gray & Hound Collars: This company is so cool! Nyah's love of dog's, specifically her neighbor's dog Sputzie, lead her to a hobby that has now spun into this incredible business venture! I'm obsessed with the unique and adventure based designs!
Stephanie's Favorites:
  • Boho Dog Bed - This dog bed is perfect for that aesthetic corner of your house. Keep your dog comfortable and looking posh!
  • Dog Backpack - Perfect for those adventurous pups! Have your pup carry their water, bowl, treats, food, and more in this convenient and cute backpack!
  • Qualo Dog Tag - Do you go hiking with your best furriend and need something durable? These collar tags are able to be customized and are weatherproof for those days out on the trail.
Alex's Finds:
GO! Portable Bowls - Need to go somewhere and it's almost dinner time? Check out this super stylish and collapsible, roll up set, ready to go for your pup! Don't worry about missing a meal now.
Corn Bread CBD Oil for Pets - If your dog is always anxious, afraid of fireworks, or afraid of the storm, this product is pawfect for you. CBD is well known for soothing anxiety and can also help dogs suffering from arthritis.
Custom & Personalized Pet Portrait - Wondering on what present to get your dog lover? All your home guests will know who the star of the house is, fur sure!
Meagan's Finds:
  • ChomChom – Every dog parent knows how fast our pups fur can go EVERYWHERE. This brush collector is the best tool to get all the hair off your clothes, furniture, or car!

  • Dog Seat Belt – We love to travel with our pups, but this can also be dangerous. This seat belt helps ensure that your pup is safe during their travels!
  • Pet Friendly Candle - We all love our house to smell fresh, and clean but sometimes our pups can make that difficult. This candle is animal friendly, and human friendly!

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