Favorites Friday - February

Favorites Friday - February

The weekend is the perfect time to shop! Get ready for spring with these finds.
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Happy Friday! The perfect day to sit down and shop online before the weekend. Check out some of our favorite finds below!

Steph's Favorites

Dental Cactus Rubber Toy - Now your dog can have fun and keep their teeth clean while playing with this toy! 

Cherry Blossom Pup Bandana - Get ready for spring with this bandana! Complete with cherry blossoms and pink pom poms. 

Spring Dog Treats - Support another small business and give your pup delicious and adorable cookies!

Hannah's Finds
Custom Pet Stamp - Get your precious pet's face as a stamp!
Silent Dog Tag - Get this snazzy silent dog tag to elevate your already adorable (Sassy Woof) collar! 
Custom painting - Get a beautiful watercolor painting of your pup!  


Meag's Fav Finds:

Dog Bed/Car Seat - Now your pup can sit comfortably while being safe in the car. This bed also pairs as a car seat, with built in seatbelts to ensure your pups safety. 

Fetch & Fold Ball Launcher - Tire your pup out without tiring out your arm! Comes in different sizes for different launching lengths, while folding up for easy travel.



Woodies Dog Chew - My vet recommended this to me as my pup LOVES to chew on sticks and bones! This chew allows a good chew without splitting off or cracking your pups teeth.