Favorites Friday - April

Favorites Friday - April

Every month, our staff shares our favorite pet finds. Get ready to do some online shopping! These are our favorite finds this month!

Every month, our staff shares our favorite pet finds. Get ready to do some online shopping! From products for dogs, dog parents, and just pet people in general - these are our favorite finds this month!

Stephanie's Favorites

  • Dog Mom Tote Bag - This tote is perfect for trips to the dog park, farmer's market, and so much more! Proudly show off your love of dogs with this adorable tote bag.

  • Custom Pet Ear Sticker - Have a reminder of your pup with you wherever you go! Place this customized sticker onto your water bottle, laptop, or car as a memento to your best furriend.

  • Alex & Ani Charm Bracelet - This silver charm bracelet is perfect if you want a way of showing your love for your pup in a cute and stylish way.

Meagan's Must-Haves

  • Furbo Dog Camera - Ever worry about your pup at home alone? Now you can watch your dogs and give them treats from afar!

  • Ear Wash - For any of our water lovers! This cleanser helps relieve ear discomfort quickly, while also giving your dog a fresh clean smell after a fun day in the water!

  • Multi-Function Dog Travel Bag - If you have ever traveled with your pup(s), then you know you need an entire bag just for your dog! This bag has many pockets and food holders to pack enough food for your trip, a shoulder strap, and much more for convenience.

Alex's Favorite Finds

  • Portable Dog Mat - Super cute & convenient, this bag is perfect for those who want to carry their pup's blankets, toys, and treats. Wherever you go, you can ensure your pup is comfy and entertained!

    Hannah Loves These

    • Customized Mini Pet Planter - Imagine on your desk, you look over and it's not only a beautiful succulent, but the face of your adorable best furriend! These personalized planters are the perfect way to brighten your day!

    • ThunderShirt for Anxiety - Does your dog get anxious? Whether loud noises, strangers, new places, or just being home alone, dogs get anxious for many reasons! This ThunderShirt for Anxiety is a helpful tool to calm your pupper down during those high-stress situations!

      • First Aid Kit for Dogs - With the weather warming up, you're more likely to want to enjoy a nice hike or camping trip! Of course, you'll want to bring your best furriend. Make sure to pack this first aid kit just in case your pup needs it!

      We hope that you love these products as much as we do! Let us know if you but any for yourself or your own pup!

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