Dog Lover Gift Holiday Guide

Sassy Woof Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for every pup and dog lover!

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Happy Pawlidays! With the holidays approaching, we put together a gift guide for all of the dog lovers out there! We know that pets are like family and have found some great products that incorporate them. Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for every pup parentt.
Every dog owner loves showing off their pup. Taylor’s Pawsome Shop will create a dog tumbler with your saying or image of choice. You can have a picture of your dog drawn digitally to go on the cup.

A sweatshirt with your dog's face? Yes, please! Harpermade’s Embroidered Sweatshirt is a personal and great way to let pet owners show off their pup. Take them with you wherever you go in a cozy and quality sweatshirt.

Keep your pup looking stylish this holiday season in these classy bowtie collars. Holiday card photos? Done! With over 25 patterns to choose from, these are the perfect accessory for the pups!

Give a personal and meaningful gift this holiday season with an engraved necklace of a furry friend. Bring a reminder of your pup with you wherever you go!

Who doesn't love to match with their dog? For dogs and owners, these matching sets make the perfect gift. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, this gift is great for the fur mamas!

A collection of healthy recipes, easy DIYs, and Pinterest-worthy party plans that humans and pups can enjoy together. This book is the gift that keeps on giving and can be used all year-round.

Grab these customized bowls for the pups this holiday season! Choose the name and font for a personal and stylish gift that pets and owners can both enjoy!

Personal gifts are the way to go! No matter the pup, North Legends will digitally illustrate and create a custom phone case for every pet parent. We are on our phones constantly, so now, owners can always carry their pets with them.

We love a good neutral accent. This classy treat canister can be personalized with any pup's name. Give a beautiful and practical gift this season!

Give a gift with a personal touch with Rebel Dawg ID tags. There are edgy tags for every season and style. This company also creates custom tags, where you can design a custom tag that is perfect for every pup’s personality.

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