Bring On The Warm Weather

Bring On The Warm Weather

The warm weather can lead to such a fun day. We are here to give you tips and tricks on surviving this summer with your pup! 

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Summer is almost here, which means all the puppies come out to play!

The warm weather can lead to such a fun day with your pup, but the heat can also cause major problems! Don't worry though, we are here to give you all our tips and tricks on surviving this summer with your pup!

  • Fresh water is the most important thing for a pup that's going to be playing in the heat! Make sure there is a bowl of fresh water near by wherever your puppers are playing! Dogs cannot regulate their temperatures like humans can. This means avoid strenuous exercise on hot days.
  • Pavement can get HOT! If you cannot walk barefoot outside on the pavement, neither should your pup! Concrete, especially black concrete, holds in it's heat. Resulting in the pavement being even hotter than it is outside. This leads to burnt, cracked, and sore paws!
  • NEVER, and we mean NEVER, leave your puppers in the car! Cars also get hotter than outside temperatures, sometimes exceeding over 100 degrees. If your dog is locked in the car, they can suffer from heat stroke leading to the worst. Even with all the windows cracked temperatures skyrocket! Leaving your dog in the car is also illegal in several states, allowing bystanders to destroy your car if viable reasoning, like rescuing your dog!
  • PEST PROTECTION! During the summer we should be giving our pups Mosquitoes, Flea, and Tick medicines to reduce the risk of illness from these bugs. Especially if your dog loves to play in wooded areas, tick checks are a must!
  • Last but probably the most important: keep an eye out for heat exhaustion. These symptoms include : excessive panting and drooling, weakness or lethargic, vomiting, and dizziness. If these symptoms are shown prior to a full day outside, take your pup to the vet immediately. This is especially common in flat-faced breeds such as Bulldogs and Pugs.

    Summer can be the best times for our pups. Full of nice weather, fun activities, and there humans being home more than usual! With these couple of tips we can keep our puppers safe while enjoying the hot weather!

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