Barkday Pawty Ideas!

Barkday Pawty Ideas!

Happy Barkday! Our pups deserve a party and a celebration just like us.

News flash, our dogs have birthdays too! Or for a more fun name - BARKDAYS! They deserve a party and a celebration just like us. We throw many Barkday pawties here at Sassy Woof, so we thought we’d let you in on some fun ideas we do, and more ideas of what you can do for your best furriends big day!


  • Outdoors at a dog friendly park: Find a park around your town that's pup friendly! Make sure you call or check their website! Ensure you have a play area for your pups or that every pup stays on their leash for safety!
  • Dog park: A dog park is a safe place to know your pups will have room to play, run around, and hang out! You may want to check if you can rent it out for some time so you have your pup & pup's friends only. If not, understand other doggos may be there!
  • Backyard: If you, a family member, or friend has a backyard with room to play, this may be one of the best options! You'll have a place to yourself and can provide the activities, food, and rules!
  • Dog friendly beach: Some beaches have dedicated areas and beaches specifically for dogs! If you live near the beach, this may be a fun place for them to run around and celebrate!
  • Indoor at a home: If your pup has a winter birthday, outdoor activities may not be an option! If you have a home that can handle a bunch of pups, that works too! Perhaps set it up in your basement so they have a designated party area to play!


  • Paint with peanut butter: One of our favorites at Sassy Woof is the puppy paint with peanut butter activity!
  • Dog Limbo or races: Set up an obstacle course for your pups, or race area! This one is simple, but may be hard to reel all the pup's in!
  • Water play!


  • Dog friendly places to buy treats: One of our favorite places to buy dog cakes for Barkday Pawties is Butters Barkery & Pawtisserie!
  • Easy dog friendly recipes: Take a look at some of our previous blogs for delicious and easy homemade treats for pup events, like a Barkday!



  • Barkday Box: This box has it all! From toys, to treats, to accessories, this box is the pawfect gift for any and all pup's barkdays!
  • Toys: From plush squeaky toys, to stronger more durable toys, they're all a great gift!
  • Treats: Make sure you know if the barkday pup has any allergies, but treatos are always a great gift for every pup!

Be sure to tag @sassywoof in any fun pictures from your pup's barkday wearing their Sassy Woof gear!

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