How to Become a Pup Influencer

How to Become a Pup Influencer

Here are some tips and tricks to navigate the pupfluencer life!
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What is a Pet Influencer?

A ‘Pet Influencer’ is an animal in the pet world that carries a platform to tell their stories while building trust and relationships with the community they create. Many start the ‘influencer’ life as a hobby and a way to keep track of their fur baby’s journey, but for others, this becomes a way of life.

Influencers have connected with other brands for collaborations, help with marketing, making their own product sales, and more. Here are some ways to get started on your influencer journey!


Step 1: Create Social Media Accounts

✧ Create accounts on Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, and other social media platforms to start your pupfluencer journey! Start slowly at first to be able to create a platform that fits your identity and aesthetic.

✧ There are so many different ways of entertainment nowadays that you can find what your niche is and apply it to your lovely animals! Is it creating video content? Do you enjoy blog writing or taking photos? You want to connect with your followers to create an environment that allows you to interact with other companies and puppy lovers.

✧ Some questions to ask yourself when you are creating your account:

      1. What are you going to make their bio? Does it introduce your little furriend well?
      2. Do you have a consistent theme or vision? Is it visually appealing or comedically appealing?
      3. Is my username easy to remember for followers?


    Step 2: Find your Pup's Talents

    ✧ You can see a wide variety of different pupstars throughout the social media apps. Certain animals are famous for how vocal they are, some are famous for ASMR eating videos, and some are famous just for being so darn cute!

    ✧ What are some of your pup’s strengths? Capture those moments in photos, reels, and TikToks to showcase it to the world.

    ❥ Don’t take too much on your plate! Growth comes with time and patience. The key is to make content that makes you happy. ❥

    Step 3: Train your Fur Baby

    ✧ It can be a great idea to prep your dog for future photoshoots and collaborations! Companies tend to look for socially motivated and well-trained animals. Work with your pet to see what sets them apart and think outside the box!

    Step 4: Be consistent

    Now that you know your dog’s talent and they are ready to show off how pawfect they are, be consistent and showing your pup off!

    Learn how the community talks by observing it’s lingos (like dog talk on Instagram, i.e. pawfect, pawesome, and I woof you)

    The key really is to be consistent and post regularly. Answer comments, ask questions, and stay humble as you start to see growth and success.

    Step 5: Network & Communicate

    ✧Talk to your followers: There are many different ways to communicate with your followers and supporter.

    ✦ Go live and talk to your followers!

    ✦ Hold giveaways and contests

    ✦ Respond to DMS and comments

    ✦ Network with other dog influencer sites

    Step 6: Be Open to Learning and Stay Humble

    ✧ Shake everyone and everypawdy's hands, thank your followers, comment on their page! Show your gratitude to the world and enjoy the process.

    We woof you guys! For inspiration and questions, check out our Instagram.

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