Favorites Friday - August

Favorites Friday - August

Time to shop! Check out our favorite products this month.
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Get those credit cards out to do some shopping for your pup (and you)! Every month, our staff loves to share our favorite pet finds. From products for dogs, dog parents, and just pet people in general - these are our favorite finds this month!

Steph's Favorites

Custom Pet Portrait - Your home can never have enough dog decor. Have your pups digitally painted to display proudly in your house.

Personalized Treat Jar - Your pup loves treats, so why not serve them in style?

Dog Treat Maker - Spend some time in the kitchen with your pup! This purchase is for you and your pup. You get to bake and they get yummy treats.

Alex's Favorites

Pumpkin Spice Dog Collar - Pawfect for the fall weather that's coming up! Decorate your home, puppers, and your fall spirits.

Dog Buisness Card Holder - Calling all dog lovers that collect stationary items! They come in many different colors to fit your aesthetic.

Hannah's Favorites

Pet Family Pillow - Get a customized pillow with you and your furamily to showcase in your home furever!

Dental Water Additive - Add this plaque & tarter dental formula to your dog's water dish to gently whiten their teeth & eliminate bad breath!

Outdoor Wool Blanket - Take this pet blanket with you to the beach, on a picnic, or camping!

Meagan's Favorites

Photo Engraved Succulent Pot - all of our plants lovers can now share their love of plants and their pups!

Purrdy Paws Soft Dog Nail Caps- Does your pups nail constantly crack and chip from playing too hard? These caps are a lifesaver from preventing your pups boo boo from becoming worse.

Personalized Dog Blanket- Cold weather is on the way, so get your pup their very own blanket to cuddle up with.

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