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Puppy Essentials

Posted by Stephanie Johnson on

One of the most popular questions that we receive is, "I am getting a puppy - what I should get?"

In this blog, we explore the various elements of introducing a furbaby to the family including how to choose from our products, and other products that we recommend - including crate training, training treats, and much more!

Getting a new puppy is always exciting! However, it can be a little bit hectic with everything needed to prepare for their arrival. We have put together a list of puppy essentials to help you get ready for your new best furriend to arrive!

Walking Essentials

Whether it's a long walk or just a quick trip outside, Sassy Woof has a variety of items to choose from. We recommend a harness with a front d-ring for puppies. These harnesses are adjustable to fit comfortable on your pup and can also help with leash training.

At Sassy Woof, we know that puppies are always growing and their size can change as they get bigger. For this reason, we are the only pet company that offers a plan to address this issue. Our 'Puppy Growth Pawtection Plan' allows you to upgrade your harness get one size for your dog when they are a puppy and then exchange it for a larger size once they are fully grown.

Almost all of our harnesses are available in sizes from XXS - XL. They should fit even the tiniest of pups!

Training & Treats

For training treats, we recommend Etta Says Sit training treats. These treats are included in all of our New Pup Boxes and are the perfect size for reinforcing positive behavior as puppies are learning. Many PetSmart stores also offer training courses for puppies at an affordable cost.


If you are planning to crate-train your pup, it is important to have a crate that is appropriate for their size. Available in seven sizes, this crate can fit almost every size pup! For tips on crate-training puppies, there are a lot of resources on the internet. The American Kennel Club has put together some training tips here.

Potty Training

For pads around the house, Chewy has some available here. For best practices on house training, click here.

Veterinary Care

Of course you want to make sure your dog is always healthy and feeling great! So, before you get them, make sure you've chosen a vet that you know you can trust! From the start of their special life and beyond, continue all the necessary shots, vaccines and check ups! If you don't have one already, or a recommendation from friends or family, this is a helpful tool.


It is always best to talk to your veterinarian with any questions regarding your pet's diet, but you can view a list of highly recommended puppy foods here.

Commitment & Patience 💕

Having a puppy will take patience, and understanding! Remember they're learning and want to make their new hoomans happy!

Getting a puppy is so exciting! Congratulations! We hope that you feel prepared with all of the resources that we have provided. As always, please reach us at with any questions or comments.

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