National Dress Up Your Pet Day

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

National Dress Up Your Pet Day! We've compiled some reasons to dress up your best furriend, for fun & for safety, and what they can include!

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It's January 14th, is your dog dressed up?! Well, they should be - it's National Dress Up Your Pet Day, go all out!!
There are many reasons to dress up your pet, for fun and for safety! Let's go through some and what they can include!

Holidays: One of the top two holidays pups get dressed up for are Halloween and Christmas, but it doesn't have to stop there! Grab some bunny ears for Easter, heart ears for Valentine's Day, a birthday hat... the list can go on and on! 🎉

Weather: No matter the weather, your dog has to go! Doggos do have their fur to keep them warm, but when it's winter and you're bundling up, you should bundle up your furriend as well! Grab a coat, scarf, hat, even booties if it's really cold! 🧣

Costumes: As mentioned, Halloween is a huge time to get a cute little outfit for your dog to go treat-or-treating with you! This of course is not the only reason for your furriend to dress up in a costume! How about... anytime you want! 😜

Fun Events: Have a fun themed party and your pup wants to participate? Grab a Hawaiian shirt for a Luau or BBQ. If it's the Fourth of July, get them something patriotic! And who doesn't love dressing up for Christmas parties? 😎

Special Occasions: A wedding, a fancy party? Dress your pup up in a bow tie, a nice shirt, a dress, anything that will have them dressed for the occasion! 🎩

Adventures: Do you like kayaking, swimming, hiking with your dog? If you like to take your pup on adventures with you, you should also make sure they're safe and comfortable! Life jackets for the water, shoes if the hiking terrain may be a little too rough on their paws, and take note of the weather in case they need a sweater! Make sure they're also secure with their leash and harness so they can have fun, but more importantly be safe! 🏞️

    As fun and cute as it is, there are some things to remember when you're dressing up your pet:

    1. Make sure your pet is comfortable and happy.
    2. Make sure nothing is pulling on or hurting your pet.
    3. Make sure there is nothing your pet can choke on.
    4. Make sure your pet is not overheating.
    5. Make sure your pet can see.
    6. Supervise your pet when wearing the outfit, and acknowledge when they're over it (unless they need it for safety)!

    Now go enjoy National Dress Up Your Pet Day and continue to celebrate it whenever you want throughout the year! 😊

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