What are the benefits of a front D-ring?

What are the benefits of a front D-ring?

One feature that sets Sassy Woof harnesses apart is our patented front d-ring. 

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One feature that sets Sassy Woof harnesses apart is our patented front D-ring. If you are not familiar with this feature, you may be wondering how or when to use it. We will briefly go over how you can use the front D-ring during your daily adventures!

What are the purposes of a front D-ring?

The front D-ring serves three primary purposes: safety, health, and identification.


Many dog trainers and behavior specialists prefer to use a point of attachment other than the neck or back of the dog to train. This approach prevents the dog from pulling against the leash as they do not feel tension. This is the reason why this ring is also referred to as a "no-pull' ring.

Regardless of training, if you have a dog that likes to pull, give it a shot. We have heard many great stories of walks being more fun because the dog is pulling less! It may take a few tries for your pup to get used to it, but trust us when we say that it works!

The front clip can also be used to teach your dog to stay even with your pace while walking. By clipping the leash to the front, your dog can be corrected to walk alongside you, rather than pulling the harness to the side.

If you are still experiencing issues with excessive pulling, we would recommend talking to a trainer or specialist for additional tips.


Some dog breeds are more susceptible to back or neck problems. The "short-leg" crew such as Dachshunds, Frenchies, and Corgis, are particularly sensitive and fragile when it comes to these areas. By having the leash clipped to the front of the harness, your dogs neck or back will not be pulled, even if they try and walk ahead.

Using the front D-ring helps alleviate some of the potential stress associated with having a least attached to the back or using a neck collar.

Please speak with your veterinarian or dog specialist to see if this is something that could benefit your fur baby.

Additionally, this clip helps to take some strain off of your dog's neck. If your dog is tugging or pulling ahead with the leash clipped to the back of the harness, this will pull the harness against their neck.


Apart from the two other benefits above, we also love our front D-rings for attaching name tags or tracking devices to - even when using it with a leash!

We hope that you will find this D-ring as useful as much as our thousands of happy customers. Even better, you can find this feature on our adjustable and reversible harnesses!

As always, if you have any questions please reach us at hello@sassywoof.com!