Happy AAPI Month!

Happy AAPI Month!

Happy AAPI Heritage Month! Come celebrate the rich history and achievements of the Asian & Pacific Islander community. 

Happy AAPI Heritage Month everyone!

Come celebrate the rich history and achievements of the Asian & Pacific Islander community! Here are 8 small AAPI owned businesses that Sassy Woof is here to support.

AAPI stands for Asian American Pacific Islander and is a month dedicated to Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders in the U.S. There are many ways to support the month by going to museums & attending local festivals, but as one of them is helping support small owned businesses that is within the AAPI community. As an AAPI owned small business, we believe that it is important to spread support, love, and share our community to others. Shopping AAPI businesses ensures that the money you are spending is reinvested in these communities. We appreciate and love everyone apart of our Sassy Woof family!


  1. Natana Wear – Polynesian Fashion & Accessories

Natana Wear, owned by Moana Lima, is inspired by the vibrant cultures and traditions of the Pacific Islands. They offer a range of clothing and accessories that showcase the heritage. Bold Prints and bright colors to traditional motifs and modern designs. Their collection is a celebration of Pasifika culture and creativity. Gorgeous pieces to liven up your closet!

Instagram: @natanawear

  1. Wag Boards – Dog Charcuterie Boards

Wag Boards, owned by Amanda Yu-Nguyen, has been heavily influenced by the artistic creations from the human charcuterie world. Each Wag Board is curated to have the highest quality single-ingredient novel proteins and short ingredient list dog cookies. Perfect as gifts, parties, and as a special treat for your spoiled pup!

Instagram: @wagboards

  1. SugarBplays – DIY Cross Stitching Kits

SugarBplays is a small business owned by Binbin on Etsy. She is a Chinese-immigrant based in Minnesota, and started cross stitch during COVID as a hobby. From craft supplies, punch needles, to cross stitch kits – all kits are beginner friendly with all the supplies you need. You can support online or stop by her booth at comic con conventions in the Minnesota area! A great way to decorate & personalize your space!

 Instagram: @sugarbplays

  1. The Spark Collection - Bilingual Books

The Spark Collection are books to inspire families to learn new languages and culture in a fun & meaningful way. Owned by Irene Kang, she was inspired while reading to her son and incorporating different languages throughout their activity. Their storybooks are available in Mandarin-English, Hindi-English, and Korean-English. With fun flaps containing key words, a fun story, and adorable illustrations, The Spark Collection believes fundamentally that kids learn best through play.

 Instagram: @thesparkcollection

  1. And Mutts.CO – Pet Accessories, Dog Bandanas

What started off as gifts for coworkers and friends’ dogs, And Mutts Co. was created by Winnie Goh. All designs are handpicked by her and each piece is handcrafted with love from California. Winnie’s passion for animals and love for crafting guides her inspiration. Anything from bandanas, key fobs, dog toys, and hair bows! Add to your closet with their amazing Accessories.

 Instagram: @andmutts.co

  1. Burnt Clay Shop – Ceramics

The Burnt Clay Shop is owned by Christopher Lee in San Francisco. The shop was established after Chris’s departure at his office job to pursue his pottery passion. Currently exploring new projects & perfecting his crafts with ramekins, vases, and bowls, his most famous creations were his fortune cookies. Although they are out of stock currently, his most famous work has been his fortune cookies. Finding beauty in consistency between the cracks and each creation – keep an eye out for when he stocks up again. They are a huge hit! Check out his tiktok for his fortune cookies! 

Instagram: @burntclayshop

  1. Pet Portraits by Lulu – Customized Pet Portraits

Lulu hopes to create pet art that brings joy to people’s homes with the cutest portraits designed by her. Pet Portraits by Lulu offers seasonal wardrobe passports, custom portraits, and add-ons for tote bags, socks, stickers, and more. She started Lulai Studio in December 2020 as a hobby and have since converted her hobby into fulfilling dog parent’s heart one portrait at a time. Check out her portfolio for more of her work!

Instagram: @lulali_lite

  1. Get Cultured Box – DIY Food Kits, Soup Starters, Pho Kits

Get Cultured Box, owned by Mimi, is a meal prep company with a mission of bringing in various cultural experiences to the table with harder-to-find ingredients measured out. Get Cultured Box specialize in bringing in different chefs and apply their natives and personal stories to the culture box they create. Different ramen & pho kits, along with herb bags to make broth. Their food looks absolutely delicious and how convenient that they provide the spices for your noodle experience!

Instagram: @getculturedbox


Let us know your favorite AAPI small businesses in the comments below! 

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