Favorites Friday - Staff Favorites

Favorites Friday - Staff Favorites

One year of giving you our favorites! What would you buy your pup off of this list?
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One whole year of giving you Favorite's Friday! Our staff has loved getting their shopping on and recommending some fun products for you and your pup. Here are our all-time must-haves for dog owners! Check them out! 

Steph's Top Products

Pupsicle Pops - As it gets warmer, these are the perfect treats to keep your dog hydrated and happy. It is long-lasting and tasty to give your dog something to do and enjoy.  

Dog Raincoat -  With these April showers, it is important to keep your pup dry! These stylish raincoats have a slit for your pup's leash to clip through while they go on walkies in the rain. 

Arcadia Trail Tent - If you bring your pup camping with you, then this shade tent is a must-have! It is easy to set up and provides your pup with somewhere to cool off and be comfortable. 

Noah's Must-Haves

Squirrel Toy - Absolutely love this realistic squirrel toy from PetSmart! Very affordable and it makes dogs go crazy (trust me I know, my dogs have this toy).

Slow Feeder Water Bowl -  Is your pup drinking water too fast and choking? Do they spill water all over the floor? Look no further than this dual feature water bowl! Its stainless steel, adjustable and makes sure your pup can't drink too fast!

Light up Leash - Walking your dog at night just got much safer with this great LED light up dog leash! Make sure everyone can see you and your furry friend so that you are extra safe!


Meagan's Necessities 

Pupford Freeze Dried Training Treats – these tiny treats are pawfect to fit in your treat pouch, pocket, or hand without leaving crumbs behind and comes in many flavors that include; Dried Mango, Beef Liver, Shrimp, Chicken, Rabbit, Blueberry, Sweet Potato, and more! 

Calming Collar for Dogs – this light weight collar is made with safe ingredients that effectively reduce anxiety and stress while encouraging positive behavior, and they smell AMAZING!

12 Squeaky Carrots Enrichment Dog Puzzle Toys – this fun puzzle toy is built to be 4 toys in 1! The carrots can be used for chewing, snuffling tugging, and to play fetch!

Alex's Favorites

Two Tails Pet Company: Rainbow Pet ID Tag - The cutest tag for the cutest pup! So many shapes and variations on their website! 

Temu: Pet Harness & Leash Set - Spring has sprung and this outfit is pawfect for your strolls! It also comes with a small bag for all your pup's essentials! 

Temu: Frog Dog Costume - How can you say no to this sweater?! Pawfect for windy or rainy days! The cutest little frog on the block! 

Chrizelle's Recommendations 

Fi GPS Collar - This device is great for active dogs or Rrnners. It features GPS tracking and sleep & activity monitoring.

 Fi-Compatible Slip Collar - This cute & durable slip collar can pair with the Fi device. They are also a fellow small business!

KONG Wobbler - This toy is great for making meals more fun & mentally stimulating for pups. It is also dishwasher safe for an easy clean!

Let us know if you purchased any of our fun finds over this past year! We have loved being able to share our favorites with you and your pups! 

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