Favorite's Friday - March

Favorite's Friday - March

It's definitely feeling like spring at the Sassy Woof HQ! Check out these fun spring picks for your pup!

Spring is finally here! Shop some of our favorite spring looks for you and your pup!

Hannah's Faves

Easter Egg Fur Your Pup - Your pup should get a visit from the Easter Bunny as well! With this personalized Easter Egg your pup will get yummy treats to enjoy! 

Decorate Egg Treats fur your pup! - These made fresh to order with human grade ingredients are another perfect fun craft and treat fur you & your pup! Simply add a drop of water to the provided edible paint! 

Snoopy Easter Collars - It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown! These adorable collars are perfect for the Easter weekend & all Spring long! 

Steph's Picks

Floral Dog Backpack - Get your pup ready for all of their spring adventures with this flower backpack! They can now carry their treats, waste bags, water bowl, and more. 

Bouquet Dog Treats - Spoil your pup this spring with these beautiful (and tasty) dog treats! Perfect for pictures and for eating, of course!

Spring Dog Toys - Feel all of the spring vibes with these fun and seasonal toys! Made up of rope toys, plush toys, balls, and more!

Noah's Finds

Peep Dog Toys - Get you and your dog ready for spring with these super cute personalized Peep like dog toys! Perfect chew toy or snuggle buddy with your dogs name on it!

Sunflower Enrichment Mat - Unlock your dogs sniffing skills with this super cute sunflower sniffing mat. Just hide some treats in the flaps and it's perfect for high energy dogs that need to get some energy out using their snoot!

Interactive Chipmunk Toy - Get your pup three fuzzy friends to hangout with (or destroy) this Spring! This interactive toy will help burn some energy and hopefully get some small critter desire out! 

Let us know if you snag any of these fun spring finds for your furry friend!

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