Dog Breed Fun Facts

Dog Breed Fun Facts

Check out these fun facts about some lovable dog breeds!

Every dog is different and there are so many different breeds of dogs! Here are some fun facts about some dog breeds that we wanted to share. Did you know these fun facts about the breeds below?

Labrador Retrievers...

  • Have been on the top 10 most popular dog breed list for 30 consecutive years - longer than any other breed!
  • Are not actually from Labrador. They are from Canada!
  • Have webbed toes and a double-layer coat. They love to swim!


  • Have some of the longest lifespans of dogs!
  • Are the smallest breed of dogs. 
  • Typically prefer other chihuahuas over dogs of other breeds. 


  • Used to be cattle dogs! They would herd cattle in Europe. 
  • Are thought to be one of the oldest breeds of dog. 
  • Almost became extinct in the 19th century. 



  • Used to be kept by Tibetan monks in their monasteries.
  • Get their name from 'Pug Monkeys' which have a similar wrinkled face.
  • Were treated like royalty by the former emperors of China.
Scottish Terriers...
  • (Almost) all share a single common ancestor. 
  • Were originally bred to hunt prey, like badgers and foxes. 
  • Love to dig holes! 


Basset Hounds...

  • Have over 220 million smell receptors. 
  • Use their ears to help lift scents off of the ground. 
  • Are excellent hunters!


What other breeds would you like to learn more about? What is your favorite fun fact?

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