Boarding Your Pup When On Vacation

Boarding Your Pup When On Vacation

Summertime means vacations! However, your pup might not be able to come along.

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Summertime means summer vacations! However, your furry friend might not always be able to come along for the trip and needs someone to watch them!

Who watches your pup?

When going on a trip, but leaving your pup behind, there are a few options to look to for who your pup can stay with! Every dog has a different personality and needs, so make sure to pick what's best for your dog.

Friends & Family - If you live near family members or have friends who are willing to watch your pup, this may be a great option. If your dog is hesitant towards strangers, they may be more comfortable staying with a human that they already know. However, there are a few things to consider. Is the space right for your pup? Whoever your pup is staying with, does the environment work for them? Are there kids or other dogs to be aware of? Sometimes it may seem easier to rely on a friend or family member, but make sure that this person is able to walk, feed, and be there for your pup without disrupting their lifestyle.

Pet Care Apps - Platforms such as Rover or Wag are another option when it comes to boarding your pup! These apps allow users to create profiles where they can write about their house, lifestyle, other responsibilities, and expectations for watching your pup. Maybe you work from home and would like for someone to be with your dog during the day. Or maybe your dog needs medications given to them throughout the day. In these instances, leaving your dog with a sitter may be easier and more tangible than leaving them with a friend who works in an office setting most of the day.

Pet Resort or Hotel - Leaving your dog at a Pet Resort or Hotel is a great option if you would rather leave your pup at a facility than with a friend or sitter. These facilities often have different packages to choose from, so you can find what works best for your pup. This may also be a great option if your dog likes being around other dogs and is comfortable in different environments.

What to pack?

Food - Make sure that your pup has lots of food for when you are gone! It is always good to measure out their meals to ensure that they will have enough for your entire trip.

Bowls - Your pup will need their food and water bowls wherever they are staying.

Treats - Think of treats as your dog's comfort food. If you give them treats regularly, this shouldn't stop when you go on vacation.

Bed - You want your pup to be cozy! Always be sure to send them wherever they will be staying with the bed or blanket that they sleep on. If your dog regularly sleeps on your own couch or bed, this may not be the case wherever they are staying, so it's important to have a cozy alternative.

Toys - If your pup is going to be left alone during the day, it is always best to ensure that they have their favorite toys to stimulate them and to play with. If your pup has a favorite stuffed animal or ball, be sure that this goes with them!

Crate - If your dog is going to be crated at the home that they are staying at, you will want to bring this along.

Walking Essentials - Be sure to pack your pup's harness, collar, leash, and waste bag holder for when they need to go out. Your pup will still need walks when you are gone, so don't forget these essentials.

Leaving your pup behind when traveling shouldn't be stressful, for you or your pup! Find out what works best for you and your furry friend and enjoy your trip!