Sassy Woof Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Sassy Woof Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Check out our favorite Valentine's Day gifts that are great for every dog lover!
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Valentine's Day is right around the corner and at Sassy Woof, we celebrate all of the holidays with our four-legged furriends! Share the love with your dog by matching it with your favorite products. Not only are these great for dates with your pup, but they are pawfect as gifts to dog lovers and moms!

1) Pretty in Pink! Perfect for Dog Mommas that love pink and taking sweet walks with their pup. 
2) Cozy & Sweet! Going out for dinner or running errands? Show the world how adorable you are in this cozy set! 
3) Double the Love! The cutest outfit for dog mom's with more than one fur furriend. 
4) Sassy & Sweet! This outfit ensures that you and you fur babe will stay cozy and sweet! Show off your dog mom spirit! 

We hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with all the romance and love! Tag us at @SassyWoof on Instagram with your best Valentine's Day outfit! 

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