How many pups is right for you?

How many pups is right for you?

We’d all love to give dogs in need a home, but before we bring another dog into our home, there are some things to consider! 
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If you’re here, you’re just like us – you LOVE dogs. More dogs always seems better than one, but does it fit your life right now? Before you make that very important decision, make sure you are 100% ready to bring another pup into your life.

We’d all love to give dogs in need a home, but before we bring another dog into our home, here are some things to consider!

  • Where you live:
    • The size of your home does matter for having multiple dogs, or even what kind of breed your dog is. If you do live in a home without a backyard or a smaller space, make sure you're prepared to take the time to go and be active with your pup! Take them to a friend or family's backyard, a dog park, a hike, etc.! Do you live in an area where you have access to this? As much as they love to cuddle up and sleep, they also need the space and time to get all that energy out!
  • Financial Commitment:
    • Dogs cost money, we know that! Are you prepared to double the cost? Before you adopt another pupper, consider the cost increase! Vet appointments, medications, food, treaties, accessories, etc.!!
  • Current Animals & Family in the House:
    • How will your current dog be with another dog in the house? Make sure your furbaby will be okay with the new dog you bring in! You want to keep your current dog or animals comfortable, and that they will make the new pup feel welcome - make sure your new pup will fit in and join their siblings!
    • How will the new dog affect your family? Do you have kids? Adopting a dog is such a wonderful thing to do, but sometimes they may have had a sad past. This can affect how they view different dogs & humans. Make sure you get information about the dog you adopt and have meetings to ensure there will be no sad issues.
  • Dogsitter:
    • Do you have any big trips planned? When you go out of town, do you have someone to watch not one, but multiple dogs? Are you prepared to board more than one dog if not? Consider not only the trips, but work, or going out on the weekend, weeknights, etc.! Which brings me to our next thought...
  • Time:
    • Whether it's 1, 2, 3 or more dogs, you have to commit your time to them! If you have a lifestyle where you're out a lot, maybe it's not right for you. If you like to bring your dog to a lot of places, make sure you can handle taking more than one! For all the love dogs give us, they deserve our time and commitment of love right back!
  • Work:
    • Nowadays, working from home is normal for some, and that’s great! But some people have to go into work every day. Will this be okay for a brand new dog? Is there a better time when you'll have more availability to train your pup and get them acclimated to your home? Or do you have a plan? Make sure you have a plan 🤓

Bringing a dog into your home and life is a full-time commitment and it’s important to make sure you’re 100% ready to give your pups anything & everything they need! If you ever have any questions, always feel free to reach out to us at! 💗