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Our Favorite Small Businesses

Sassy Woof is proud to support small businesses! Below are some of our favorite businesses with products for you and your pup!

Sassy Woof is proud to support small businesses! Below are some of our favorite businesses with products for you and your pup!

Tiny Dog Paintings

Tiny Dog Paintings was started in 2020 by Ming, a self-taught illustrator and designer. She creates paintings of pups of all shapes and sizes, capturing your dog perfectly. Ming works with her customers to turn a picture of your pet into a beautiful and simple watercolor painting. She also creates digital illustrations from a picture of your pup! Once created, her designs can be added to items such as phone cases, coffee mugs, and more. This is a great business that showcases your pups perfectly.

Bark & Bloom

Bark & Bloom was started by Lisa, a proud dog mom and creator. This small business sells personalized wooden ornaments, dog tags, coasters, and more. Feature a picture of your pup engraved perfectly into any of these items. Lisa also creates and sells personalized collars, bandanas, and more. Check out her shop to see all of the possibilities for you and your pup!

Barkuterie Boards

Barkuterie Boards was started when owner Amanda wanted to combine her love of dogs and food. What better way to combine two passions than creating charcuterie for dogs? Barkuterie Boards are filled with high-quality novel proteins along with short ingredient list dog cookies! They are perfect for barkdays or special occasions.

The Pet Friendly Candle Co.

The Pet Friendly Candle Co. focuses on using the very highest quality products to produce the most incredible, luxurious and pet friendly candles, diffusers, melts and mists. These candles burn clear and utilizes only natural products that do not give off toxic fumes that hurt our four legged friends.

Coco & Bark

Head to Coco & Bark for all of your pet tag or dog bed needs! Their adorable tags are made and shipped from Pennsylvania, US. You can customize the design, information, and size of all of their tags. They also sell luxury dog beds (with matching blankets) to keep your pup feeling cozy!

Whether shopping for your pup or yourself, you can show all of these small businesses some love! We love finding creators who are passionate and care about their products as much as we care about ours.

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