Meet our Adventure Collection

Meet our Adventure Collection

Here are many reasons why you should add this to your pup's closet! 
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Are you and your pup the adventurous kind that like to take hikes, jump in a lake, run through a stream…aka live your best lives in nature? If your pup’s OOTD gets dirty, that can be a bummer! If you get sad when your fave harness or collar got a little dirty, Biothane makes it easy to wash those worries away! Even if your pup isn’t the wild type, this material comes in handy when you need to walk in the rain, or in the grass on a dewy morning! Meet our new Adventure Collection! And if you need more convincing of why you should add this to your pup’s closet, we’re here to give you 6 more reasons!

6 benefits of why you should get our Adventure Collection:

  • Waterproof 💦
    The collar & leash of this collection is coated with a polyester webbing or PVC that makes it waterproof.

  • Odor-Resistant 👃
    Dogs sweat too! Sometimes when your pup comes in from a nice run, walk, hike or zoomies in the backyard, they can smell like sweat! This material is odor-resistant so it won’t cling to the collar!

  • Long-Lasting Durability 💪
    It’s strong! While you’re running with your pup, don’t fear it will break. Its durability is tested to ensure your pup is safe while on your adventures!

  • Quick-Drying 💨
    It won’t take long to dry off after your water play either! This material is water resistant and the droplets won’t linger!

  • Easy to Clean 🧼
    Does your pup like to play in the mud? Let them! After their mud bath, this collection is easy to rinse and wipe clean! Your pup may not be… put their collar & leash will be!

Enjoy all your fun adventures with your best furriend - with no stress about the clean-up in our Adventure Collection & send us pics!!

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