Harnesses & Ropes - Spring Edition

Harnesses & Ropes - Spring Edition

Next up in our harness & rope leash pairing blog series, we have SPRING looks!
We often get asked which harnesses match with which rope leash! This is a question we LOVE to answer, so we created this blog series to help! 
For this Spring edition, we've paired different springy harnesses and some of the rope leashes we think pair beautifully with them fur fun Spring walkies & events!! 🌞💗

Pawketful of Sunshine with Lemon Drop OR Bright
Magnolia with Dandy OR Cotton Candy 
Sakura with Hibiscus OR Ombre Teal 
Adorasauras with Hunter OR La Jolie Fleur 
Fleur de Sass with Caroline OR Dandelion 
Chick Me Out with Pearly OR Sherbet 
Wizard of Paws with Captain OR Dove 
Dainty Daisy with Sunrise OR Honeydew 

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