Favorite's Friday - June

Favorite's Friday - June

Every month, our staff shares our favorite pet finds. Get ready to do some online shopping! 
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Every month, our staff shares our favorite pet finds. Get ready to do some online shopping! From products for dogs, dog parents, and just pet people in general - these are our favorite finds this month!

Alex's Summer Essentials:

Frisco Outdoor Dog Swimming Pool - Too hot for a walk? This is a must have! Go outside on a hot summer day and enjoy the pool with your fur babe!

Puppy Pawty Balloon Garland - Pawfect for parties and photo moments! This DIY kit makes it easy and fun to decorate your next event.

Hannah's Summer Picks:

Target's Pride Collection (FOR PUPS): Walking through Target in the beginning of the month, I know, is a dangerous game... I stopped by the Pride section to see what awesome things they had this year. The dog accessories were so cute! From the little shirts, to the rainbow collars - run to Target now to get them before they're gone!

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser: This corded handheld vacuum is great for upholstery, stairs, vehicles, etc.! If you're like me, you let your pets on the couch. This thing works wonders and is quick & easy!

Steph's Summer Finds:

Official Hiking Crew Dog Hat - Do you love to hike with your pup? This fun hat fits on your pup to give them some stylish shade.

Dog Travel Mug - This ceramic travel mug is pawfect for all of the dog moms out there! Affordable and cute? Yes, please!

Meagan's Summer Favorites:

  • Cooling Mat for Dogs - a cooling mat is essential for every dog that gets overheated in the summer.

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