Favorites Friday - July

Favorites Friday - July

Every month, our staff shares our favorite pet finds. Add these products to your shopping cart! 
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Get ready to do some online shopping! Every month, our staff loves to share our favorite pet finds. From products for dogs, dog parents, and just pet people in general - these are our favorite finds this month!

Hannah's Favorites

Projection Bracelet - Whether you choose to put your best furriend in here or any picture you'd like, with this bracelet you can take a peek at that pic anytime of the day!

Pet Pillow - Customize a pillow with your pet's pic!! Going out of town? Take this pillow with you so you can continue to snuggle with your best furriend!

"I'm Just a Baby" Collar Tag - Not me saying this to my pups multiple times a day! And now they can wear it as a badge of honor!

Steph's Finds

Avocado Toast Toy - We know you love your avocado toast and now your pup can too! This durable toy can be chewed on all day long!

PB & J Collar Tags - These tags can be customized with your information on the back! They are perfect for two pup best friends.

Long-Legged Pug Planter - This bizarre and funny planter is also adorable and can be filled with succulents or other small plants.

Meagan's Favorites:

Dog Collar/Leash Hanger - This unique hanger gives a place for your pups walking essentials while also looking adorable.

Custom Dog Airtag Case - Does your pup love to wander around without you? These custom cases allow for you to keep an eye on your pup while also not drawing attention to the Apple tracker.

Personalized Dog Robe - For all the pups that are forced to take a bath from their pawrents! Now they can wrap up all cozy after bath time.

Alex's Finds

Dog Illustration Tote Bag - Show your love for all the classic dog breeds! Super cute tote bag for walks, grocery shopping, and more!

Sushi Squeaky Plush Toy - Fluffy sushi combo with built-in squeakers are perfect for the toy loving puppers!

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