Including Your Pup on Your Wedding Day

Including Your Pup on Your Wedding Day

Want to include your dog in your wedding, but don't know how? Do not fear! In this blog, we'll go over many ways you can include your pup on your big day! We know they're family!
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Want to include your dog in your wedding, but don't know how? Do not fear! Your pups are family too and shouldn't miss out on your big day! Recently, more & more people have been including their pups in their wedding. However, we know that this can be a scary thought since there are so many details that need to be worked out.

There are many logistics that can come into having your pup participate in your special day. Who watches them while you are getting ready? Who gets them ready to walk down the aisle? This is where wedding day services for dogs comes in handy!

Wedding Day Services

There are companies all over the country that help coordinate and take care of your pups on your wedding day! From getting them ready to walk down the aisle to bathroom breaks and keeping an eye on them throughout the whole event, they worry about your dog so that you don't have to!

Wedding Day Pet Attendants:

These companies handle everything from the transportation of your pup to your venue, helping take pictures with your pup, chaperoning, styling, and more.

Wedding Day Attire

Every wedding is unique and has a different look and style. Likewise, how you dress your dog for the big day can vary as well.

Floral Wreaths - Floral dog collars can be found all over Etsy. These classy floral collars can hang around your dog's neck for a more earthy feel. Pair this with a neutral rope leash from Sassy Woof.

Dog Tuxedo - If you want your pup to coordinate with the wedding party, you can find custom dog tuxedos to have your pup looking classy alongside the rest of your party.

Dog Tutu - If you want your pup matching with a veil, or just looking classy in a white tutu, these can be made for every sized dog on Etsy too!

Wedding Photography With Your Pup

When it comes to taking wedding pictures with your dog, you can find lots of ideas here. You know your dog best, so talk with your photographer and let them know how best to include your furry friend.

Other Ways To Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

Dog Cake Topper - There are a variety of customized cake toppers that can look just like your dog! If you do not want to have your pup on your main wedding cake, but are doing a groom cake, you could put your furry friend here!

Favor Bags - If you are doing favor bags at your wedding, you can have the bags customized with cute phrases. 'Thanks for Celebrating my Mom & Dad' or 'Made with Love from Moose' (replace with your pet's name). This is a fun way for your guests to take a little gift home that incorporates your pup!

Signature Cocktail - If you will be having signature cocktails at your wedding, why not name one after your pup? Cute signs can be customized to have on your bar or you can create your own bar menu with the cocktail listed.

If you are wanting to include your dog on your big day, there are many ways to! We hope that you are able to include your dog in one way or many. As family, you want them to feel a part of your special day too.

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