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Best Hiking Trails in NOVA

Posted by Alex Bilbo on

Raise your paws if you LOVE to hike! Go on different trails and keep your walks exciting with the smells of nature and fresh air. With the weather warming up and spring just around the corner, here are some hiking trails in Northern Virginia that welcome your four-legged furriend!

Hiking Trails in NOVA:

Longer Trails/Parks/Fields:

    Hiking Trails in Shenandoah National Park:

    Must purchase park entry pass - click here for tickets.

      Entrance Stations:
      • Front Royal (North Entrance)
      • Thornton Gap
      • Swift Run Gap
      • Rockfish Gap (South Entrance)


          1. Collar/Harness & Leash (Regular or Hands-Free)
          2. Identification Tag or Microchip
          3. Water
          4. Food
          5. Collapsible Bowl
          6. Waste Bags
          7. Canine First Aid Kit
          8. Reflective Lights

          There are plenty of places to go with your dog, but a list always helps to get things started! Be sure to take necessary items to ensure a safe hike. Feel free to tag @sassywoof if you visit any of these places, as we love your pup-ventures!

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