Sassy Woof is not immune to the extensive and systemic delays that are currently affecting the entire shipping network.  Although we adhere to our promise to pack and ship products quickly, there are serious unprecedented delays after the item is picked up by our shipping partners. We understand there is great concern and angst about these significant hold ups.

As of November 15, 2021, USPS has updated their transit times due to changes within the agency. You can read more about these new practices here

We now know that packages are being marked as delivered despite not being delivered to customers. This is a systemic problem that is affecting the entire shipping industry. Unfortunately, we are unable to expedite the process or file a claim since it is affecting a majority of packages. 

We are currently seeing packages being delivered up to 7 days after being marked as delivered. We share your feeling of wanting the items as soon as possible, but shipping a second package will not arrive any sooner and would be subject to the same delays. If your package has not arrived within 7 business days of being marked as delivered, please reach out to

What if I need my package sooner?

Although we can never guarantee a delivery date, we do recommend private couriers such as UPS or FedEx to guarantee faster transit times. There will be an option at checkout to pay for these services. 

We are monitoring the situation and doing the best we can to deal with these issues that are outside of our control. Below please find more information and FAQs on the situation:

  • My order was shipped but the tracking has not been updated for days or weeks! What is happening? If you are like us, you rely on tracking to see the status of your package; however, all couriers have modified their tracking to show less or information that is not current. We have seen packages that are delivered but continue to show “In-Transit” for many days after. We have also seen the reverse situation where a package shows as “Delivered” but does not physically appear for days. Rest assure we are monitoring the progress of these packages; however, there is little that Sassy Woof can do to push them closer to you.
  • My package has not moved for weeks, is it lost? Due to the close-loop system of tracking services, it is very unlikely that the package is lost. In many cases, the package is delivered and the tracking remains unchanged. We are monitoring these "snail" packages and in our experience they do move eventually.
  • My tracking shows that the item is “Delivered” but I still do not have it. This is happening very often and goes back to our first point above that tracking information is currently very unreliable. That said, in all instances the package eventually gets delivered after a few days. Please be sure to check with your concierge or neighbors to make sure it was not inadvertently dropped off in their mail boxes. Please reach out to us at if the package has not arrived after 7 business days.
  • Can you please call USPS/UPS/FEDEX/DHL to request an escalation of my package? The Sassy Woof team has spent dozens of hours on the phone with couriers but they are unable to do anything within their grasp to help with the situation. This is a deep systemic situation affecting the entire world of commerce. Sassy Woof is a consumer of the same shipping services that we all rely on.
  • I shop online all the time and your package is the only one that’s delayed, what gives? There are many factors that influence how a package gets delivered including weather, logistical systems, and processing hubs. We understand this can cause some confusion and that you may feel this is only happening to our packages but rest assured this is happening around the nation. Please find more information further below.
  • I need this package ASAP due to a special occasion or engagement. What are my options? Please reach out and we can discuss more but please note that a second package would go through the exact shipping network that is currently handling your first package. Highlighting the challenges, we note that couriers have suspended “delivery guarantees” or “money back” services due to how unpredictable things are. See UPS, Fedex, USPS.
  • Are there any specific areas that are being affected more severely by others? The South East portion of the United States has been greatly affected due to weather and significant outages. See USPS updates here including the service disruption report here. Please note that these hubs service many areas of the country and although you may not be physically nearby, you may still be affected as the item cannot pass through such processing centers. Shipping operations is an intertwined chain and each link holds the chain together.
  • What other resources can you share? Many national media sources and other outlets have been reporting on the ongoing situation.